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We are Amazon FBA sellers. 

We buy products from a variety of sources, such as online retailers and physical retail stores.  We then ship these products into Amazons multiple warehouses.  Making them available to buy on Amazon.

For example, you can search any website for any product.  If you find a product cheaper online than on Amazon, you have found an opportunity to make a profit!  All you do now is, buy, ship and repeat.

Below are two videos explaining how to list and send inventory.  We are currently working on an E-Book to go over all the basics of getting started, a cheat sheet if you like.



I personally prefer to list items with my mobile app (AmazonSeller) Then go to the next video to see how to send stock to Amazon



Thats a pretty good overview of how to send stock, it will get easier the more you do it! Its very simple you just have to keep repeating this process!




This is something I use everyday, it’s a piece of software that speeds up searching for products! You just pick a website to search, filter your criteria, press go and the software creates a list of all the products matching your criteria! There are lots of videos that explain it further. I highly recommend using this!

Whenever you buy a product use this cashback site, its free money! Once you start to buy lots of stock it really does add up! Its also free to use, it ranges on average from 1-20% cash back, it makes a huge difference, I have a small income from cash back alone.

This will x10 the speed you list and send stock to Amazon, you will need a Dymo (+these labels) and scanner, I believe this is essential for booksellers!

I have been working with Direct2eu now for over a year and they have handled a large amount of my stock! They have their own inventory management stock system which is lightyears ahead of google sheets that the competitors use. If you are looking to outsource the physical work, look no further!

This is a paid for site that will send you daily product opportunities, I started using this when I first started, it helped in two ways, it gave me new products, but also a guideline of how to analyse products. Worth it just for the free trial!!


Linked directly to your seller account, this is the best way to manage your business on the move.
I use this everyday and I believe is essential for running an Amazon business.
It's fantastic for scanning items in stores or even things around your house to sell to get started! A survey was taken and the average house has £4,000 worth of unused items which can be sold, so a great place to start if you can’t invest any money.

A great way to see past sales and price history. I use this to analyse the real average price and sales rank, it will also help to show more seasonal products which sell better at different times of the year.

People are divided on this one. I personally feel this has helped accelerate my business, I use a charge card, not credit card. This gives 30 days credit and as I am spending a lot each month my points add up very quickly (giving me a few extra treats)!

This is something that will save you in the long run if you are serious! It's completely free, it will give you a Euro bank account so all payments are received at the current exchange rate rather than what Amazon and your bank decide!