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The basic things you need to run an FBA business

Laptop or computer is essential, I have this one.

You will apply these to every product you send to Amazon.

You will need these to stick shipping labels to boxes, (you can use normal paper and sellotape but this saves a lot of time! I promise)

For boxes

Bigger is usually better, not too big you can't lift! You save money by getting more items in one box!

If you don't already have one! A4 is fine, make sure the ink isn't too expensive, best to buy a medium priced printer as the ink will be cheaper!

Very handy if products have labels on! Saves nails!

Initially, you don't need this, you can use your bathrooms scales, however for ease of use and more accurate weights I recommend this (I use one of these)

To Print thermal labels - quicker and cheaper than a normal print! Not needed for new sellers!


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